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Famous people:

Simon Spender is a Wales Under-21 international footballer who plays at right back for The New Saints.
John Michael Spender QC is a former Australian politician, diplomat and barrister.
Humphrey Spender was a British photographer, painter, and designer.
Dale Spender is an Australian feminist scholar, teacher, writer and consultant.
Natasha Spender, Lady Spender was an English pianist and author.
Nancy Spender was an English painter.
John Alfred Spender was a British journalist, newspaper editor, and author.
Michael Alfred Spender was an explorer, surveyor, a leader in photo-interpretation in the Second World War and an RAF Squadron Leader.
Lillian Spender was an English novelist.



Web Summary:

Spender is credited with merging individual drama with broader social concerns in his photographs.
Spender is not pleased by this but eventually tells mulder about her request.
Spender is briefing a roomful of agents about the assassination.
Spender is excited about the possibilities of the new media.
Spender is left to walk int othe sunset with his two girls.

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       Frank Bruce Cole Winston Anderson James Gentry Donald Nancy Sauber Patrick Makarov Hosting


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