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Worldwide there are 24+ people named Spedding
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Famous people:

Chris Spedding is an English rock and roll and jazz guitarist, best known for his session work.
James Spedding was an English author, chiefly known as the editor of the works of Francis Bacon.
Frank Harold Spedding for obtaining high purity uranium from uranium halides.
Duncan Spedding is an English former football midfielder.



Web Summary:

Spedding is replacing martyn as club secretary and sought election to the committee.
Spedding is highly regarded at the club as a youngster with a bright future.
Spedding is a freelance science and technology journalist based in bristol.
Spedding is another basic punk song that has an old rock feel to it.
Spedding is openly calling him a phony and a thug.

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       Timothy Julia Harold Lumina David Lucas Edward Janet Paula Danielle Cloutier Westrip Mcmullen Stephanie


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