Gender: Feminine


Worldwide there are 224+ people named Specht
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Famous people:

Paul Specht was an American dance bandleader popular in the 1920s.
Wilhelm Otto Ludwig Specht was a German mathematician who introduced Specht modules.
August Specht was a German natural history painter.
Minna Specht was a German educator, socialist and member of the German Resistance.
Friedrich Specht , was a German painter and natural history illustrator.
Richard Specht was an Austrian lyricist, dramatist, musicologist and writer.
Johann Georg Specht was born in Lindenberg im Allgäu.
Raphael Specht commonly known by his stage name of Rafe, was an American pornographic actor, starring in more than 100 pornographic videos during his career.



Common surnames for Specht:

       Joseph Rose Justina Margaret Irene Appenzeller Cherilyn Lee Annegret Nancy Dominique Karsten Joachim Verena Jozsef József Vogel Klaus


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  1. USA = 218
  2. Germany = 5
  3. France = 1




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