Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 1359+ people named Spartaco
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Spartaco Bandinelli was an Italian boxer.
Spartaco Schergat was an Italian military frogman during World War II.
Spartaco Landini is a retired Italian footballer.
Spartaco Fontano , was one of the members of the French resistance shot at Mont Valérien as a member of the Manouchian group.


Name Spartaco means from Sparta

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Spartaco is open for dinner every evening at 6.
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Spartaco is based on an 1100 sport.
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Common surnames for Spartaco:

       Campagna Liberi Bellomo Margioni Mazzulli Basili Albert Angemi Lodovici Giannetti Bombelli Cacciotti Verbich Caira Achilli Adami Agresti Aita Albani Albertarelli Alberti Aldrighi Amadio Amoroso Agoni Betti Carlini Ferretti Giuliani Ingrassia Marchionni Nocentini Reverberi Roda Rotella Carlucci Massa Almeida Malzoni Vizzotto Filho Carlos Biagio Pitanti Kft Inglesi Greppi Calvo Bernardi Aragort Barrios


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Top Countries:
  1. Italy = 1279
  2. USA = 22
  3. Switzerland = 20
  4. France = 13
  5. Argentina = 8
  6. Brazil = 4
  7. Canada = 3
  8. Croatia = 3
  9. Venezuela = 2
  10. Australia = 1




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