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Worldwide there are 61+ people named Sparta
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Sparta is a trojan horse that allows unauthorized access to the infected computer.
Sparta is a professionally coached program for the serious soccer player.
Sparta is an experimental class of ship with quantum slipstream drives.
Sparta is committed to maintaining a leadership position within fda.
Sparta is an acronym which stands for social and political analysis.

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       Vivian Vojt Joseph West Taheyre Tindaro Nicholoudis Francesco Chiozza Nina Abbiati Aleotti Barinci Belloni Carnevali Facchini Moretti Simoni Castoriadis Cus Lee Empregos Abyara Chiu Antonello Giawa Ahmad Pyramid Kook Nessar Fietsen Gjonbalaj Forever Spartanec Alexander Artyom Nemova Agapova Grabovoy Yakovleva Fitness Tahej


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 34
  2. Italy = 8
  3. India = 3
  4. Indonesia = 3
  5. Brazil = 2
  6. Germany = 1
  7. Belgium = 1
  8. Czech Republic = 1
  9. France = 1
  10. Latvia = 1




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