Gender: Unisex: (50% feminine, 50%masculine)


Worldwide there are 375+ people named Sparrow
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Mighty Sparrow or Birdie is a calypso singer, songwriter, and guitarist.
Matt hew Ronald "Matt" Sparrow is an English footballer who recently played for Crawley Town as a midfielder.
The Sparrows may refer to: The Sparrows .
Walter Shaw Sparrow was a British writer on art and architecture with a special interest in British sporting artists.


Name Sparrow means From the name of the bird, ultimately from Old English spearwa.

Common surnames for Sparrow:

       Patricia Muslim Janet Chase Cassandra Wilhelmina King Eileen Jack Fontella Geremia Micke Jack World Terry Jack Roberts Paulo Ryder Issaka Osae Jim Jack Lim Jonners Pio Jack Orakah Mark Andrew Master Kulakov Jack Ung Flame


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 343
  2. India = 14
  3. Ghana = 2
  4. Malaysia = 2
  5. Australia = 2
  6. United Arab Emirates = 1
  7. Algeria = 1
  8. Canada = 1
  9. UK = 1
  10. Brazil = 1




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