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Worldwide there are 59+ people named Spanier
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Famous people:

Edwin Henry Spanier was an American mathematician at the University of California at Berkeley, working in algebraic topology.
Graham Basil Spanier served as president of the Pennsylvania State University from September 1, 1995 to November 9, 2011.
Arnie Spanier is an American radio host for KRLD-FM 105.



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Spanier is a senior consultant with right management consultants contents.
Spanier is president of pennsylvania state university in university park.
Spanier is a senior majoring in science with the life science option.

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       Karen Florence Ian Judith Arthur Shana Gary Paul Lorraine Linda Herve Silvia Kurt Drius


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 54
  2. Sweden = 2
  3. France = 1
  4. Belgium = 1
  5. Germany = 1




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