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Worldwide there are 141+ people named Spada
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Famous people:

Bernardino Spada was an Italian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and a great patron of the arts whose collection is housed in the Palazzo Spada in Rome.
Ercole Spada is an Italian automobile designer.
Fabrizio Spada was an Italian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, and served as Secretary of State under Pope Innocent XII.
Mirko Spada is a retired male decathlete from Switzerland.
Pietro Spada is an Italian pianist and musicologist .
Ilaria Spada , is an Italian actress and showgirl, born in the Pontine Marshes district to an Italian father and a Sicilian-Tunisian mother.



Common surnames for Spada:

       Spada Ada Ellen Maria Dominic Joseph Guiseppe Agnes Nicholas Migali Sara Wania Spada Manzi


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 135
  2. Belgium = 3
  3. India = 1
  4. Italy = 1
  5. Thailand = 1




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