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Worldwide there are 122+ people named Soza
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Famous people:

Rukshan Soza was a Sri Lankan cricketer.
Carlos Andrés Soza Quezada is a Chilean footballer that currently plays for the Chilean Primera División club Deportes Copiapó as striker.



Web Summary:

Soza is one of the industry pioneers in creating information technology for healthcare applications.
Soza is a widely recognized information technology and management.
Soza is an entrepreneur who exemplifies the spirit of this area.
Soza is a regional entrepreneurial advocate and industry leader.
Soza is still disappeared and his status is not known.

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       Francisco Park Trust Margaret Harvey Roland Mendoza Guillermo Paul Benjamin Chanfi Souffou Tayoro Alberto Faecc Vicencio Ricci Valladares Fuentes Gutiérrez Pacheco Salas Setti Duarte Mamani Ayman Rosalba Kombasi Marcos


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 113
  2. France = 3
  3. Argentina = 1
  4. Sweden = 1
  5. Egypt = 1
  6. Saudi Arabia = 1
  7. Israel = 1
  8. Finland = 1




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