Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 286+ people named Sovan
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Pen Sovan, sometimes also spelt Pen Sovann was the first Prime Minister of the Hanoi-backed People's Republic of Kampuchea.
Sovan Chatterjee is an Indian politician belonging to the All India Trinamool Congress.


Name Sovan means good looking nice

Web Summary:

Sovan is playing basketball not far from here.
Sovan is currently standing by the window.
Sovan is taking the route of squaresoft.
Sovan is still as good as i remember.
Sovan is an extraordinary lady.

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Common surnames for Sovan:

       Powell Sarker Inthavong Dee Chan Bopha Ung Lien Long Sroe Mao Adamovic Handi Mahmud Nandi Chan Hang Khou Nguon Tuy Uch Dey Samantroy Parida Das Chattopadhyay Ganguly Hamid Hadibowo Ghosh Sardar Dora Mohanty Singh Sahu


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Top Countries:
  1. India = 182
  2. USA = 77
  3. France = 6
  4. United Arab Emirates = 4
  5. UK = 4
  6. Canada = 3
  7. Indonesia = 3
  8. Netherlands = 2
  9. Australia = 1
  10. Argentina = 1




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