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Worldwide there are 85+ people named Sotira
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Famous people:

Angelo Sotira is an American entrepreneur who co-founded online community deviantArt on August 7, 2000 with Matthew Stephens and Scott Jarkoff.



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Sotira is a lot like other teen tycoons.
Sotira is with its architecture.
Sotira is about 15km west.
Sotira is a single.

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       Shibley Laoutaris Jacqueline Tsakeredes Georgas Chachi Tubaya Tsilfidis Marlangoutsos Yiacoumi Ungureanu Cazacu Petrea Mititelu Kelemen Pirvan Dumitrascu Makrakis Anastasis Andreous Andronikou Antzoulis Boudakian Christophi Scoufarides Hadjiloizou Hajigeorgiou Theocharis Christodoulou


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Top Countries:
  1. UK = 55
  2. USA = 15
  3. Romania = 8
  4. Sweden = 3
  5. France = 1
  6. Germany = 1
  7. Australia = 1
  8. Serbia = 1




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