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Worldwide there are 131+ people named Sosnowski
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Famous people:

Albert Dariusz Sosnowski is a Polish professional boxer who fights in the heavyweight division.
Oskar Sosnowski was a leading Polish architect and art conservator and restorer of monuments during the period between World War I and World War II.
Jerzy Ksawery Franciszek Sosnowski , using pseudonyms Georg von Nalecz-Sosnowski and Ritter von Nalecz.
Joe Sosnowski is the Illinois State Representative for the 69th District, which covers Boone County, eastern Winnebago County, and northern DeKalb County.
Zbigniew Sosnowski is a Polish politician.
David Sosnowski is an American novelist and short story writer.
Kajetan Sosnowski was a Polish painter of abstract subject matter.
Antoni Sosnowski is a Polish politician.



Common surnames for Sosnowski:

       Henry Bernadette Chiara Gary Ralph Dorothy Tadeusz Anastasia Robert Jacek Jakub Piotr Dariusz Jerzy Aleksander Syldatk


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 127
  2. UK = 1
  3. Germany = 1
  4. Norway = 1
  5. Finland = 1




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