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Worldwide there are 37+ people named Sosin
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Sosin is a professional pianist who has performed worldwide as a silent.
Sosin is a teacher educator at pace university in new york city.
Sosin is a freelance writer operating out of new york city.
Sosin is john lucas distinguished professor of economics.
Sosin is attracted to the excitement and mystery.

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       Eileen Semyon Alexander Robert Lee Sosinsky Frances Nikolay Howard Ralph Izabela Patryk Tomasz Tursun Aslan Jan Rafal Shafiq Barbara Mikhail Sergei


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 27
  2. UK = 4
  3. Norway = 2
  4. Sweden = 1
  5. Pakistan = 1
  6. Denmark = 1
  7. India = 1




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