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Worldwide there are 80+ people named Sose
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Famous people:

Sose Mayrig was an Armenian female fedayee, the wife of famous hajduk leader Serob Aghpur.



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Sose is taught through an integrated program based on inquiry and research.
Sose is an abbreviation of the term study of society and environment.
Sose is taught through units of work in the integrated curriculum.
Sose is an area of learning studied by all students r.
Sose is studied for a minimum of five semesters.

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       Massoyan Zakaryan Prelaj Keyser Veshta Gjelaj Rizo Braka Milo Suaava Hagopian Dauti Delrio Istrefaj Dumani Markaj Mustafaraj Rakipi Hanessian Hakhverdyan Sosa Zinka Planiti Tudodmeg Hatamian Milkon Annandale Falefa Sose Sargsyan Martirosyan Grigoryan Karapetyan Lts


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 56
  2. Denmark = 4
  3. Italy = 4
  4. UK = 3
  5. Sweden = 3
  6. New Zealand = 2
  7. United Arab Emirates = 1
  8. Saudi Arabia = 1
  9. Canada = 1
  10. Nigeria = 1




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