Gender: Feminine


Worldwide there are 26+ people named Sorta
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Sorta is most famous for his use of dragon magic in the final battle against the elders.
Sorta is her personal assistant if you want to look at it that way.
Sorta is but i just didnt have that first day of school feeling.
Sorta is for me at work but only from other work people.
Sorta is pointless and i feel obligated to write in it.

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       James Silitonga Lim Kenia Pastraz Kinda Eduard Soolna Verawaty Arta Manik Sibuea Ledy Situmeang Rumahorbo Christina Masliana Simamora Siregar


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Top Countries:
  1. Indonesia = 17
  2. USA = 6
  3. United Arab Emirates = 2
  4. UK = 1




20+6-1 = ?