Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 2288+ people named Soriano
The popularity rank is #7923

Famous people:

Alfonso Guilleard Soriano is a Dominican baseball player, currently playing as an outfielder for the Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball.
Jonathan Soriano Casas is a Spanish professional footballer who plays with FC Red Bull Salzburg in Austria, as a forward.
Fernando Soriano Marco is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for UD Almería in Segunda División, as a defensive midfielder.
Roberto Soriano is an Italian footballer who plays for Serie A club Sampdoria.
Bruno Soriano Llido , simply Bruno, is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Villarreal CF in Segunda División, as a defensive midfielder.
Osvaldo Soriano was an Argentine journalist and writer.
Elia Soriano is an Italian-German footballer who plays for Karlsruher SC.
Maricel Soriano , also known as The Diamond Star, is a critically acclaimed Filipina film and television actress.
Pepe Soriano is a prominent Argentine actor and playwright.
Francesco Soriano was an Italian composer of the Renaissance.



Web Summary:

Soriano is a senior sotware developer in the information resources group.
Soriano is an assistant professor in the national institute of physics.
Soriano is throwing every other day and should be activated this week.
Soriano is struggling not only at the plate but if the field as well.
Soriano is an artist that approaches the painting from very early.

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Common surnames for Soriano:

       Esteban Edward Eddun Yvette Christopher Bruce Hilario Lisa Joji Pedro Sanchez Mena Tenorio Fernandez Livelo Purita Sonia Agostini Baldi Bartalini Bensi Bernardini Berrighi Bertaccini Bianchi Caporali Cavallini Bylnn Lorenzo Robert Soriano Veronica Soriano Ufpb Rodrigues Pereira Seles Tserewaridze Oliveira Gomes Santos Luiz Oscar Belen Santos Olga Rafael España Esteban Ened Felipe Ethel Irma Gonzalez Hector Nelyda Graciela Harold Manayay Rojas Teresa Dianita Nilda Arneda Marlene Rosario Ramon Jorgia Adoracion Jeric Fernandes Manuel David Freire Ortola Ruper Beatriz Oscar Antonia Angel Laia Murcia Carlo Amanda Amelia


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Top Countries:
  1. Philippines = 1237
  2. USA = 950
  3. Italy = 48
  4. Mexico = 11
  5. Argentina = 6
  6. Spain = 6
  7. Canada = 4
  8. UK = 3
  9. Brazil = 3
  10. Peru = 3




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