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Worldwide there are 49+ people named Soriana
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Soriana is the most focused of the big four groups.
Soriana is strong in the north of the country.
Soriana is a successful hypermarket operator.
Soriana is a general merchandise retailer.
Soriana is notable for its diversity.

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Common surnames for Soriana:

       Nunez Mohuchy Rivera Rodriguez Toro Torres Livia Vega Cruz Nastase Cospormac Baldelli Bentivogli Bernini Candiloro Ciurli Colonna Corbino Fanciulletti Grassi Marano Abla Chaves Rigoldi Assis Joaquin Norte Stella Martegiani Mirus Bravo Alvarez Rojas


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 18
  2. Italy = 15
  3. Argentina = 5
  4. Venezuela = 3
  5. Mexico = 2
  6. France = 2
  7. Saudi Arabia = 1
  8. Romania = 1
  9. Norway = 1
  10. Brazil = 1




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