Gender: Unisex: (66% feminine, 34%masculine)


Worldwide there are 1127+ people named Soria
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Famous people:

Joakim Agustín Soria Ramos is a Mexican professional baseball player.
Vladimir Soria Camacho is a retired Bolivian football midfielder and the current Assistant First Team Coach of Club Bolívar.
David Soria Yoshinari is a Japanese-Peruvian football player who currently plays for C.
Carmelo Soria was a Spanish-Chilean United Nations diplomat.
Carlos Ernesto Soria was an Argentine lawyer and Justicialist Party politician.



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Soria is dedicated to performing the robust and touching music of the finnish heritage.
Soria is dedicated to performing the robust and touching music of finnish heritage.
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Soria is a strong promoter of the initiative and according to the press.
Soria is interested in the physics and control of turbulent flows.

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Common surnames for Soria:

       Judith Margarita Lucero Sanches Ortiz David Vazquez Carlos Nelson Jose Garcia Ursut Bouharaka Kajue Mewse Murshid Mustafa Aboulela Nor Agostinho Shakour Biagioni Paolinelli Abaq Abdallah Abdelli Abidar Adda Aggoun Akachat Akbabai Alidra Alioua Chioukh Benyelles Bennaceur Barouagui Souane Bakha Hamidouche Soria Atmane Demouche Mauro Diego Pablo Daniel Emilio Claudio Claudia Andrea Hidroza Camiones Ibrir Bendoumia Segarra Casi Shultz Nahas Papa Jan Sardarabadi Osman Arturo Jesus Mendoza Carito Montoya Cardenas Ramzi Asefi Puscan Glenda Emily Joan Jovelyn Oliva Sharon Maynard Aurolberto Bernadette Reina Natural Jordaan Gomez Gimenez Soria Santiago Javier Fernando Marta Enrique Nuria Oro Mir Ali Wirstam Madrid


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 726
  2. France = 223
  3. Philippines = 95
  4. Argentina = 29
  5. Algeria = 10
  6. UK = 10
  7. Mexico = 6
  8. Belgium = 3
  9. Italy = 3
  10. Spain = 3




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