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Worldwide there are 32+ people named Sordo
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Famous people:

Gianluca Sordo is a retired Italian professional footballer who played as a defensive midfielder.
Dani el "Dani" Sordo Castillo is a Spanish rally driver.
Juan Sordo Madaleno was a Mexican architect.



Web Summary:

Sordo is placed slightly off center in the fame in deep focus.
Sordo is translation of his book the silent garden.
Sordo is translation of his book the.
Sordo is strange but hospitable.
Sordo is a role model for young.

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Common surnames for Sordo:

       Jose Alexander Faustino Federico Elena Delgiorno Julio Beatriz Lourdes Del Ismael Jara Solari Fernández Marisol Ouadie Said Manuel Gonçalves Neves Balbina José Carmen


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 17
  2. Canada = 9
  3. Belgium = 3
  4. Morocco = 2
  5. Mexico = 1




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