Gender: Feminine


Worldwide there are 148+ people named Sorana
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Name Sorana means maybe rising sun

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Sorana is one of the two assistant stewards at high reaches weyr.
Sorana is all laughing ease as she ambles across the sands.
Sorana is given yet another shy look.
Sorana is cold and almost heartless.
Sorana is but a blurr in the steam.

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       Panjachaichana Georgescu Koren Phal Black Soong Harutunian Bucur Rabinovici Ionescu Barbuntoiu Basarab Batranu Belciu Blajovan Bona Caracudovici Constantinescu Czumbil Dimitrie Braustein Bucur Giurgiu Vieru Ramdoo Barbalata Tremmel Vatavu Vladareanu Desideri Gronich Magi Chassagne Cimpan Marignane Nasta Ionescu Dinmore Munsya Ferrer Benitez Barbici Nagy Sarbu Aga Sokan Puie Scholtes Erhart Bradu Fraier Rintler Sigal Iubas And Vereanu Johnes Suteu Schippers Iancu Branga Radulescu Wicht Mityko Kaewmaneechai Soinam Boonbunlu Yegres


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 55
  2. Romania = 48
  3. UK = 11
  4. Israel = 6
  5. France = 4
  6. India = 3
  7. Italy = 3
  8. Germany = 3
  9. Thailand = 3
  10. Australia = 2




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