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Worldwide there are 37+ people named Soprano
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Famous people:

Meadow Mariangela Soprano , played by Jamie-Lynn Sigler, is a fictional character on the HBO TV series The Sopranos.



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Soprano is the term used for a voice which is between soprano and alto.
Soprano is great for both classical and popular jazz and blues music.
Soprano is a very good instrument at a moderate price.
Soprano is underpinned by an elegant tape background.
Soprano is a commanding presence in opera or concert.

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       Sam James Lawrence Petronilla Cathy Steven Gina Paula Samuel Joseph Meta Rloffd Daniela Tony Corretor Silva Famillia Lexois Dyomin Naglyy Crevillente


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  1. USA = 32
  2. Algeria = 2
  3. Argentina = 1
  4. Switzerland = 1
  5. Morocco = 1




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