Gender: Unisex: (66% feminine, 34%masculine)


Worldwide there are 575+ people named Sonni
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Jack Sonni is a writer, musician and former marketing executive best known as "the other guitarist" in Dire Straits during the band's Brothers in Arms era.



Web Summary:

Sonni is not one to go about tooting his own horn.
Sonni is not there and they had to settle for ec.
Sonni is cured of multiple personality disorder.
Sonni is in cahoots with will to hurt josh.
Sonni is a resident in orthopaedic surgery.

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       Lander Kim Balle Worthy Jeon Kamara Khan Andrea Cox Pitt Greene Freeman Greco Diop Karres Assi Clugston Omoregbee Peri Monduzzi Paulaeck Fathi Menna Almhjell Hamden Gunawan Patel Maguire Mollen Gesche Rezini Meinertz Giese Birkholm Hinze Christensen Tost Petersen Pedersen Johansen Bering Cadena Masood Sonni Schoenwetter Botwe Adianto Ginanjar Panitro Poernomo Kun Sun Gunawan Marhaen Candra Pradana Koren Garcia Frese Yulindra Nielsen Adesola Nelson Ehiagwina Heggli Aasen Nilsen Lundin Skjølberg Torheim Emaus Gunhildsberg Bogstrand Guttormsen Korobova Svetkin Taran Bogdan Maslova Sanna Jönsson Johansson Sandberg Massimo


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 336
  2. Denmark = 132
  3. Norway = 32
  4. Indonesia = 23
  5. Sweden = 11
  6. Germany = 10
  7. Australia = 7
  8. Canada = 5
  9. UK = 4
  10. Nigeria = 3




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