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Worldwide there are 24+ people named Sonko
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Ibrahima Sonko is a Senegalese international footballer who plays professionally for Turkish Süper Lig side Akhisar Belediyespor.
Edrissa Sonko is a Gambian football midfielder, currently playing for Ras AlKhaima Club in the United Arab Emirates.
Moustapha Sonko is a basketball player from France, who won the silver medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics with the Men's National Team.
Pa Ousman Sonko is an Gambian footballer, who currently plays for SV Austria Salzburg.



Common surnames for Sonko:

       Marcia Youssouph Reginald Julius Corr Lamin Baba Mafoday Pelley Amie Ansumana Flower Haddy Kebba Momodou Jammeh Lang Betzy Ebrima Edwin Wanjohi Ajacho Mbanga Chunga Isterichko Khoma Durko Redkova Markovko Noname Pivovarova Krevedko Olena Laff Muhammed


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 9
  2. UK = 7
  3. Kenya = 3
  4. France = 1
  5. Germany = 1
  6. Morocco = 1
  7. Thailand = 1
  8. Peru = 1




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