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Worldwide there are 89+ people named Sonea
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Name Sonea means from the bulgarian name sone

Web Summary:

Sonea is an engaging character whose honesty.
Sonea is a physician.

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Common surnames for Sonea:

       Felner Griffiths Rosas Mcmahon Qureshi Allen Blake Uddin Hoyl Blysma Coclitu Ion Ionescu Kiss Marc Sirbu Stan Vlaic Boghen Cara Carastoianova Chilari Costiuc Duca Fincheli Fronea Porumbescu Preida Hunjan Jassal Yousaf Malta Regina Cottini Xavier Leadership Paul Naidu Borisova Mashkova Kirsanova


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 43
  2. Moldova = 21
  3. Romania = 10
  4. Brazil = 6
  5. India = 4
  6. UK = 3
  7. Canada = 1
  8. Malaysia = 1




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