Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 412+ people named Sone
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Famous people:

Yutaka Sone is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Los Angeles.
Koji Sone was a Japanese judoka and world champion.
Yasuo Sone is a Japanese professional golfer.


Name Sone means 1) Variant form of Sune (see Suni)

Web Summary:

Sone is a conceptual artist aiming to convert the impossibility to the energy toward the future.
Sone is defined as the loudness experienced by a person listening to a tone at the 40.
Sone is similar to the sound that an ordinary refrigerator makes in a quiet kitchen.
Sone is about equal to the sound of a quiet refrigerator in a quiet kitchen.
Sone is a measure of noise used in association with ventilation products.

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       Nunez Jaquez Berrios Phongphouthai Inthavong Thongchanh Perez Kounphom Senchanthisai Takahara Dhaliwal Phrakonekham Sonnasinh Nitu Engelbrecht Greeff Sone Spies Sundborg Baylone Cam Chantavong Choumlivong Cleret Dorvin Oneta Padaroff Sihabouth Lunai Mckendry Mariner Saengdara Nsime Palle Ntube Gangadharan Rajan Collins Sone Otha Hiro Tomo Shin Hideaki Yasuo Keiko Junyatpepktpepp Sayuri Reiko Tulane Ehade Alo Osakwe Valle Ugland Meldal Løkken Holum Vestnes Sonik Kuznetzova Plessis Han Wyk Olivier Prinsloo Pretorius Skce Torbjörnsson Magnersjö Banger Nilsson Birgersson Södergren Persson Wåhlstedt Larsson Stark Pakdy Sone Titaree Dalasy


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 285
  2. Sweden = 48
  3. India = 15
  4. Japan = 9
  5. France = 9
  6. Norway = 8
  7. Brazil = 5
  8. UK = 5
  9. Australia = 4
  10. Thailand = 4




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