Gender: Feminine


Worldwide there are 25779+ people named Sondra
The popularity rank is #1527

Famous people:

Sondra Marie Currie is an American actress.
Sondra Locke is an American actress, singer and film director.
Sondra Radvanovsky is an American soprano.
Sondra Erickson is a Minnesota politician and member of the Minnesota House of Representatives.
Sondra Gotlieb is a Canadian journalist and novelist who lives in Toronto, Ontario.
Sondra Theodore is an American model and actress.
Sondra Peterson is an American model.
Sondra Bianca is an American born concert pianist and pedagogue who retired early in her career from recording and live performances.
Sondra Isaminger was a singer and community leader based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Name Sondra means Defending men

Common surnames for Sondra:

       Mccarthy Walker Schuman Tyson Hunt Marion Eisen Ternowyj Crook Branch Hurd Kind Bouchard Smit Breen Chou Arledge Harmon Perl Recksiedler Cerniauskiene Dave Frate Gurskyte Arning Hausner Sims Hillbery Cumberland Tarshis Alabastri Anastasi Angelica Arrighi Bartoli Bastarelli Benvenuti Bergamini Botticelli Carraro Forstin Laoudi Pavelic Davoren Kremerskothen Clarke Zoumas Roberts Turner Kalnins Taylor Munro Lewis Stamey Hope Keller Klitzke Park Wong Lim Baras Rubenstein Loftin Pepper Warner Lusaite Reeds Bacharach Cleaver Grimmer Rossiter Fraser Parapinaityt√© Parapinaityte Shultz Shurko Loginova Nechaeva Lazareva Angel Ferrari Foo Yung Arias Tatum


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 25600
  2. Italy = 52
  3. Canada = 36
  4. Australia = 26
  5. UK = 20
  6. Latvia = 8
  7. New Zealand = 5
  8. Sweden = 5
  9. Germany = 4
  10. France = 3




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