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Worldwide there are 204+ people named Somogyi
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Famous people:

Csaba Somogyi is a Hungarian football player who currently plays as a goalkeeper for Fulham.
Nusi Somogyi was a Hungarian film and stage actress.
Balazs Sziranyi Somogyi is a Spanish water polo player.



Web Summary:

Somogyi is a seniour lecturer in the department of computer science and software engineering.
Somogyi is delighted that apple includes development tools with the new operating system.
Somogyi is confident that many herend dinner services are regularly used to serve food.
Somogyi is a senior consultant at the health and food industries practice of sri.
Somogyi is currently planning a special dvd edition together with a well.

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       Theresa Kristen Aniko Steven Marton Elizabeth Trungold Miklos Laszlo Vincent Kata Roslyn Ysaline Zoltan Tubio Muñoz Zsuzsanna Zsóka Márk Andi Béla Géza Borbála Tamás Ferencné Zoli Pálné


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Top Countries:
  1. Hungary = 146
  2. USA = 55
  3. UK = 1
  4. Belgium = 1
  5. Australia = 1




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