Gender: Feminine


Worldwide there are 3594+ people named Sommer
The popularity rank is #5755

Famous people:

Raymond Sommer was a Grand Prix motor racing driver.
Yann Sommer is a Swiss footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Basel in the Swiss Super League.
Roger Sommer was a French aviator.
Elke Sommer , born Elke von Schletz, is a German actress, entertainer and artist.
Josef Sommer is an American-German stage and film actor.
Joanie Sommers , is an American singer and actress with a long career of jazz, standards and popular material and show-business credits.
Rich ard Olen Sommer II is an American actor best known for his portrayal of Harry Crane on the AMC series Mad Men.
Dennis James Sommers is a retired American professional baseball catcher, manager and coach.
Frederick Sommer , was an artist born in Angri, Italy and raised in Brazil.


Name Sommer means From The Season

Common surnames for Sommer:

       Roland Melissa Beyer Vanbersoe Asher Panay Kaye Belin Harold Vandeboe Dube Copley Cleveland Van Coldwell Komaromi Smith Matthews Mallette Barnaby Amari Church Gomer Khider Dillon Stringer Estridge Sharville Jacky Walter Pasquale Clements Hampson Moore Thompson Owens Lee Removals Bath Ledgerwood Ralf Bielefeldt Schulz Henrik Lis Vejlby Hartvigsen Palk Lundin Sauer Steinicke Blohm Briz Ingo Evelyn Markus Sabine Stefanie Jones Katharina Wilfried Thomas Blume Manfred Lam Owens Geza Tabatsali Rodriguez Gsm Martin Arie Tsai Walters Wood Pointon Wagstaff Magdalena Robert Anton Ruben Artur Lilia Natalia Viktor Klaus Sueli Martin Agnes Sibylle Brigge Armin Rudolf Michel Gunzgen Tom Garcia Arrieche


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 3513
  2. Australia = 17
  3. Germany = 12
  4. Canada = 11
  5. UK = 8
  6. New Zealand = 5
  7. Brazil = 4
  8. Belgium = 4
  9. Denmark = 2
  10. Hungary = 2




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