Gender: Feminine


Worldwide there are 286+ people named Somerville
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Famous people:

Mary Fairfax Somerville was a Scottish science writer and polymath, at a time when women's participation in science was discouraged.


Name Somerville means From The Summer Estate

Web Summary:

Somerville is the fifth city to get attention from npr for its housing issues.
Somerville is the governing board of somerville community computing center.
Somerville is committed to providing training and staff development.
Somerville is looking for more partners for the somerville adopt.
Somerville is a member of the us national academy of sciences.

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       Patricia Mcaleavy Gaya Norgard John Powell Colin Monique Lenora Jacqueline Russell Hickey Dane Telfer Peter Diane Mary


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 279
  2. Canada = 2
  3. UK = 2
  4. Australia = 2
  5. New Zealand = 1




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