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Worldwide there are 132+ people named Soltani
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Famous people:

Karim Soltani is an Algerian footballer currently playing for Skoda Xanthi F.
Hocine Soltani was a boxer from Algeria, who won two Olympic medals.
Mebarek Soltani is a boxer from Algeria.
Bouguerra Soltani , which is reformist-Islamist and considered close to the doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Neda Soltani is an Iranian exile.
Behzad Soltani is an Iranian football midfielder who currently plays for Sepahan F.
Parvaneh Soltani is an Iranian playwright, theatre director and actress who lives in London.



Common surnames for Soltani:

       Zand Amel Mostafa Jgm Smiralda Parvahn Taybeh Ali Ahmad Sepideh Hamzeh Amiri Faraz Reza Bahri Hocine Ladan Iftene Ahmed Mouloud Samir Walid Katybery Eddine Zine Sami Mohamed Hacene Mohsen Haithemm Kia Esfahan Norozi Farhad Reza Mehrdad Soltani Hamid Mahammad Iskander Walid Zakaria


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 83
  2. Algeria = 24
  3. Iran = 8
  4. UK = 3
  5. Romania = 3
  6. Norway = 3
  7. Canada = 3
  8. Austria = 1
  9. France = 1
  10. United Arab Emirates = 1




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