Gender: Masculine


Worldwide there are 1263+ people named Solon
The popularity rank is #N/A

Famous people:

Vivian Alvarez Solon in July 2001.
Solon Hannibal de la Mothe Borglum was an American sculptor.
Laura Madalene Solon .
Ewen Solon was a New Zealand-born actor, who worked extensively in both the United Kingdom and Australia.
Yvonne Prettner Solon is the 47th and current Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota.


Name Solon means Wise

Web Summary:

Solon is far enough away from route 201 to be out of hearing range of the log trucks.
Solon is asking for knowledge of the truth and success in telling it persuasively.
Solon is launching an ongoing program of providing free gun locks to residents.
Solon is interviewed in depth by two experienced surrey police officers.
Solon is responsible for most repairs to your home.

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Common surnames for Solon:

       Fotis Leroy Leonilo Barry Morgan Karakoglou Helen Evelyn Tremmel Cesar Guzman Cunha Bachlis Barnes Valcin Mcdade Gabay Chasteau Chambi Korniotis Solonos Stavrinidis Despotopoulos Eghobamien Demetriades Ierides Kourtellaris Amoros Barraclough Gilant Smith Navarrete Brown Paschalis Cunha Verde Rodrigues Campos Rabello Monte Chaves Moreira Jose Nicolas Sampaio Rodriguez Thompson Villavicencio Thanos Pavlioglou Giannoutsos Carasso Papioglou Chorafas Kitsinelis Magoulakis Merikas Condos Dracoulis Wan Kao Wong Shinoda Vrieze Ombasa Ibarra Marcopoulos Carpay Kalata West Rivoin Chiong Gregorio Florendo Imelda Nicon Alberto Romeo Rachel Priscilla Roberto Marita Patrick Filosov Zenkov Avgust Dimitrov Phitidis Phitidi Daniel Kong Sarfatti Duran Moncada Fleurimont


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Top Countries:
  1. USA = 783
  2. Brazil = 339
  3. UK = 38
  4. Greece = 30
  5. Philippines = 24
  6. Canada = 6
  7. South Africa = 4
  8. France = 4
  9. Chile = 4
  10. Venezuela = 3




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