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Worldwide there are 23+ people named Solomos
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Famous people:

Dionysios Solomos was a Greek poet from Zakynthos.
George Paul Solomos , also known as Themistocles Hoetis from 1948 to 1958, was an American publisher, poet, filmmaker and novelist.



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Solomos is contained here along with many of his personal belongings.
Solomos is professor of sociology at city university london.
Solomos is most known for writing the greek national anthem.
Solomos is sitting outside les deux maggots.
Solomos is a healthgrades recognized doctor.

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       George Kaiafas Linda Christopher Angelo Nicole Christos Dintamus Dimitra Georgiou Arghyrou Solomou Gerasimos


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  1. USA = 19
  2. UK = 3
  3. Greece = 1




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