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Franciszek said about /poland/Czogalik - Ancestral search for Boleslaw Czogalik's father Franciszek

Wanclik tade said about /poland/Wanclik - Wanclik we francji il w brazylji

Bieszk said about /poland/Bieszk - ja jestem z kwidzyna synem teodora

MODUPE said about /name/Modupe - MODUPE is a name dat used to indicate god's goodness.

Elief Mauricette said about /fr/Elief - je suis Elief aussi je suis Haitien

Zeev Koblikowski said about /brazil/Kublikowski - I am Zeev Koblikowski. My father was Aron Koblikowski(Kobel) please Jacob or Ida call me @,7252008186

Andrew jouxson said about /uk/Jouxson - There are only 3 jouxson in halifax

Bereteu Liviu said about /ro/Bereteu - Numele de familie Bereteu vine de la raul Barcau, rau care in unele zone din Bihor (si chiar pe hartile vechi) este trecut Beretaul. Este afluient al raului Crisul Repede,iar in maghiara i se spune Berettyo

dejan said about /latvia/Mensa - ja sam dejan kula

Mirjana said about /sr/Boksan - Slavko Boksan fizicar i Slavko Boksan narodni heroj su dve najpoznatije osobe sa ovim prezimenom

Rudawski said about /poland/Rudawski - There is also living a Rudawski family in the Netherlands.

Alessandra said about /it/Cecchelli - Anche io mi chiamo Cecchelli di cognome,i miei fratelli: Daniele, Giampaolo, Roberto; I miei nipoti: Marco, Davide, Virginia, Monica. Mio padre: Romano. Zii:Elena, Maria, Carlo, Gino,Giuseppe. Cugini: Marco, Adelfo, Giancarlo, Virginia. A parte la mia famiglia che risiede in Sardegna(Cagliari, Alghero), Texas (Houston),i cugini in Emilia Romagna e New York.

benmilohd said about /fr/Benmiloud - recherche nom benmiloud en france0

Robert Czafit said about /hungary/Czafit - Hi! Me and my family live in Győr-Moson-Sopron county

Asa Matson said about /sweden/Matson - Hi from Ireland

Peter Smith said about /poland/Zydek - i am looking to contact a cousin named Helena (Hela) Zydek nee Modrzyk. Born 29/08/48. Mother Maria born 06/12/14. I am the son of Johanna Lydia Piontek sister of Maria. Helena possibly lives in Katowice region. I am planning to visit the birth place of my mother later this year and would like to make contact with any relatives. My email address is

Corneliu Lae said about /ro/Vijoli - Vijoli este nume romanesc trecut in scriis priin fonetica ungureasca si apoi reat in romaneste. Proviine de la Visoiu muntenesc

Vlad Sandulescu said about /ro/Sandulescu - Inseamna "al lui Alexandru"

Aldo said about /uk/Strappazzon - There are 8 of the Strappazzon family in Namibia - Africa

scheunpflug said about /switzerland/Scheunpflug - völlig falsch

Oskar said about /france/Borek - Czesc Ośki tu tatuś szuka twojej elektronicznej kopi

muriel arioni said about /fr/Arioni - je me trouve moche Est-ce que c'est normal ?

bartolacelli said about /it/Bartolacelli - come posso trovare origine del mio cognome

milouda rifki said about /usa/Tmouh - salut cv rachid je suis tante miloud je chercher sur toi et soumaya depuis 20 ans réponde moi sur adress

Beltralcio Sylvie said about /france/Beltralcio - Bonsoir, merci de supprimer mon nom de la liste, j'ai déménagé et suis sur liste rouge. Cordialement. SB

William said about /name/Omajuwa - Pls do you know the meaning of Etuwewe

jacek said about /pl/Konowaluk - My mother Zofia isdead

Catherine Jakuta said about /poland/Jakuta - Hi. My surname is Jakuta and I live in Southern Ireland. I thought you would like to know for your records.

Atrott said about /france/Atrott - Le nom Atrott vient du mot latin atrotus et signifie: invincible. The name Atrott stems from the Latin word atrotus and means: invulnerable.

Paula said about /at/Omeliyan - Familia omeliyan canada y argentina

Karolina said about /poland/Gorczewska - What with names karolina, katarzyna, agata, genowefa, marta, paulina gorczewska from wielkopolskie poland? We live but we are not to the list.

Ricardo said about /italy/Marozzin - hello! Brasiliano looking for Italian relatives.

Paula Wiser said about /germany/Gandorfer - Her daughter is martha Gandorfer .in fresing germany

Novelya Aguilar said about /name/Novely - Looking for my dad.

miguel angel said about /usa/Jaloudi - busqueda intensiva

cherry jane pan said about /france/Sounet - what is sounet

Ryan Prauschke said about /germany/Prauschke - Trying to find my great grandad

marianna said about /it/Fiengo - voglio sapere il significato del mio cognome


Zbigniew said about /poland/Swiatlowski - Besuch der alten Dame

Julie Pye said about /uk/Fantoni - I need to know who distributes Fantoni laminates in the uk

Zamprotta Italo said about /it/Zamprotta - Deriva dall'antico prussiano Sambroth/Zambroth che in tedesco si dice kirchdorf cioè "villaggio con una chiesa"

pitrola said about /canada/Pitrola - The Most famous name is Nestor Pitrola Argentinian Politician

viorel said about /romania/Alfons - cum pot lua legatura cu un reprezentant alfons haar?

Eugeniusz Foerster said about /poland/Foerster - Hi from Australia. can you contact me on

Benten said about /nl/Benten - The origin of the name Benten is Benton (english, pronounced as Benten). It is of old english origin, and the meaning of the name Benten is: town in the bent grass. Benten is mostly used as a boys name.

koudanlodo mataka gnymtina said about /fr/Koudanlodo - j'aime ma famille

dajt said about /italy/Berzolli - Hello, Please delete my name Dajt Berzolli from your database. Thank you. Kind regards Dajt

Birger bondesson said about /sweden/Bondesson - Göteborg

Firtat said about /ro/Firtat - Mai este si un ADRIAN si o ANDREEA!

manoj said about /usa/Pallan - Pallan ro pallar this name belongs to some historical cast people's name is pallan in tamilnadu(india)this people belongs to moovendar tht means 3 kingdom (Pandiyan dynasty,chola dynasty and chera dynasty)that r connect to Rome and greeces and red Indian then Mayan thay r called also mallar in south Indian

tarnawiecki said about /poland/Tarnawiecki - 3 in Romania

Evaldo Roque Tartas said about /brazil/Tartas - I am a descendant of Stanislaus Tartas, Polish origin imigrnate who arrived in Brazil at the beginning of the year 1891. We have a family Tartas Facebook group with 204 members. Some descendants of my great grandfather Stanislaus are doing the family tree, still incomplete, is already more than 500 names. My family: Parents: Gabriel José Tartas and ângela Tartas My brothers and sisters: Estevão, Jacob, Rita, Lourenço, Liberato, Adelar, Águeda, Cecília and Simone. My children: Felipe e Lorena

gregorius lukaszewski said about /poland/lukaszewski - looking for date and place of death

Lidia Todieva said about /moldova/Todieva - Gun aydin. I saw a photo of your dolls displayed at Hederlez in Ceadir-Lunga. Do you sell them? I will be in Chisinau 21-25 August. Barbara in USA

Elsie jasilek said about /poland/Jasilek - Looking for people i might be related to.

soumayya said about /uk/Goodur - give me the details about goodur ancients plizzzzzzzzzzzzzz

mario said about /brazil/Zizza - his fathers name is also mario

Aniela Zamorska said about /poland/Zamorska - Born, I believe, in Tryncza, Galicia, Poland on 3 Aug 1890. Father Casimir mother Barbara Pish.

Janusz Pniaczek said about /poland/Pniaczek - Hello,I'm Janusz Pniaczek and I live with my wife Alina in Toruń-Poland.

Selea said about /sweden/Selea - Selea is not from the Bulgarian name Selja. It originates from the hebrew name Selah

Wachnicki Jarosław Paweł said about /poland/Ganko - .Moja mama to Jadwiga Maria Gańko Imiona Saskie

Admin said about /name/Bosteya - Concluded meaning: forever blossoming flower

Querida Guichoud said about /name/Querida - My firstname is Querida. I live in Switzerland. Birthday : 2. April 1958

MIROSLAW WASYLINKO said about /poland/Sachryn - Stefan Sachryn died June 3rd 2016

GRZEGORZ GOLEBIOWSKI said about /poland/Dudzicz - im loking for eugeniusz dudzicz my friend

Hulda Mesterknecht said about /germany/Dunkelberg - Looking for Hulda Mesterknecht born in Germany 1861 or 2

Bernhard Dunkelberg said about /germany/Dunkelberg - Looking for Bernhard Dunkelberg born in Germany 1847.

Hodan said about /name/Bosteya - blossoming flower

Shelby Cvancic said about /croatia/Cvancic - 'Willy'Cvancic- born in Osječko, only child, escaped to Canada during the war, 1 wife, 3 children, passed away Monday March 14th, 2005 Paul Cvancic- 1 wife, 2 offspring (male & female), grandchildren do not have the last name cvancic. Pete Cvancic- 1 wife, 2 offspring (both female), 1 grandchild with the last name cvancic (briea cvancic). Diane Cvancic- 1 husband, 2 children (not with the last name cvancic)

Julie Copley said about /uk/Copley - Dale Copley plays doesn't play for the Broncos anymore he's gone to another club. The town Copley in South Australia is named after William Copley. And there is a Science Medal that is named the Copley Medal that was first given out back in the 17th century.

Paweł said about /denmark/Gosk - Wellcome Graca .My name is Paweł Gosk.I Was in Ballerup many years ago.It Was really good time.Good Luck!

Sue Phanos said about /pl/Stellmacher - Christian Stellmacher changed the spelling to Stellmaker when he became nationalised in Hobart Tasmania

Sara said about /argentina/Bjalke - Benito juarez, argentina

Steve Horsfield said about /uk/Arnfield - Arnfield name rivers to a brook and farm near Tintwistle

Lisa Melikian Natcharian said about /usa/Melikian - Hello - I would like to add an additional web domain to your list for the last name Melikian (in USA). is a site that traces our family tree, and may be of interest to viewers of your site. Thank you! Lisa Melikian Natcharian

Johan Gerak said about /austria/Gerak - Austria, Romania

knoche said about /de/Knoche - Lower Saxony Germany is where they emigrated from to US

Rick Idak said about /usa/Idak - Hi my name is Rick Idak I run a business called Rick's Grips and Camera hire. My daughter is a filmmaker with a double degree. her name is Haili Luxa Idak. We are both from Melbourne Australia

Kimberly Leegstra said about /usa/Leegstra - I am related to some of the Leegstra's mentioned on this page. I reside in NY, NY.

Anna said about /poland/Czyrska - I know more people with surname "Czyrska"

irina said about /ro/Ianac - Ianaci sunt ....

Daniel said about /poland/Woronko - jestem z Polski z suwalk

Nicola said about /brazil/Petcov - hi my name is Nikolay Petkov I live in Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk city , looking for my family in Brazil because I have a letter correspondence with my grandfather , if someone knows something respond +380504145938

swate said about /southafrica/Swate - Looking for my father & family of Swate, who was in marriage with Mokati Mpoti my mother.

Urszula said about /poland/Charytonowicz - We are Urszula and Filip Ch. Where are We?

Josef said about /austria/Roch - Birth record

Marianna Maciejuk said about /poland/Maciejuk - Married Pawel Artymiuk in Wolka Nosowska any relatives

Louis Buschman said about /brazil/Bushman - I believe my uncle immigrated from Russia to Brazil in the early 1900's

Robert Morgenthal said about /germany/Morgenthal - I am a 65 yo male, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, father named Joseph Morgenthal searching for my German Ancestry

mariano brandoli said about /italy/Brandoli - brandoli = from castle of Brandola, near Polinago (MO) italy.

Tomaszuk said about /poland/Tomaszuk - We Two in France. Me and my son

Dodita Alexandru said about /ro/Dodita - E greu de crezut ca sunt singurul de pe glob cu numele de Dodita Alexandru.

Lexi said about /france/Plessel - I'm a Plessel!

Lisbeth beriguete said about /france/Beriguete - I'm one of the 20 people from spain

zeslawski said about /poland/Zeslawski - looking for family in or around wlakonowy dolne

zeslawski said about /pl/Zeslawski - contact me on your name zeslawski

hugo hagerstrom said about /sweden/Hagerstrom - which region does hugo come from?

Beata Sawczyn said about /poland/Sawczyn - Hello. Sawczyn Beata (2 - Opole and Warsaw) ; Sawczyn Danuta (Opole) Poland

laurice said about /brazil/Majdalani - i want to find my anty sister of my father in brazil