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  2. Lombardia = 5
  3. Piemonte = 3
  4. Toscana = 2
  5. Sicilia = 2
  6. Friuli-Venezia Giulia = 1
  7. Lazio = 1
  8. Campania = 1
  9. Marche = 1

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The popularity rank in Italy is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 27852+ people named Paredes

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Meaning of name Paredes is ...

» Famous people

Esteban Efraín Paredes Quintanilla is a Chilean footballer that currently plays for Liga MX club Querétaro as a striker.
Carlos Humberto Paredes Monges is a Paraguayan footballer who currently plays as a defensive midfielder for Olimpia Asunción.
Javier Paredes Arango is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Real Zaragoza in Segunda División, mainly as a left defender.
William Alberto Paredes Barbudo, is a Mexican footballer, who currently plays for Puebla F.
Carlos Paredes, ComSE, was a virtuoso Portuguese guitar player and composer, born in Coimbra, son of the equally famous Artur Paredes.
Juan Carlos Paredes Reasco is an Ecuadorian football midfielder currently playing for Barcelona.
Leandro Daniel Paredes is an Argentine football player who plays for Boca Juniors in the Argentine Primera División.
Derlis Paredes is a Paraguayan footballer currently playing for 12 de Octubre of the División Intermedia in Paraguay.

» Popular firstnames for surname Paredes

      Jaime(2)   Raul(2)   Sergio(2)   Patricio(1)   Javier(1)   Moscoso(1)   Hugo(1)   Alejandro(1)   Omar(1)   Maribeth(1)   Teresa(1)   Mendoza(1)   Sanchez(1)   Rosalinda(1)   Corticelli(1)   Dolormente(1)   Liza(1)   Hilda(1)   Darly(1)   Elizabeth(1)   Rodriguez(1)   Shagnay(1)   Arturo(1)   Artemio(1)   Coaguila(1)   Evelyn(1)   Filippo(1)   Gloria(1)   Noemi(1)   Cano(1)   Gladys(1)   Frida(1)   Quinones(1)   Amarilis(1)  





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