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The popularity rank in Italy is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 391+ people named Kostadinov

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Meaning of name Kostadinov is ...

» Famous people

Emil Lubtchov Kostadinov is a former Bulgarian football striker, former member of the Bulgaria national team for which he played in two World Cups.
Kostadin Stefanov Kostadinov is a retired Bulgarian football player.
Tomi slav Kostadinov Kostadinov is a Bulgarian footballer.
Branimir Kostadinov is a Bulgarian footballer who currently plays for Lokomotiv Sofia as a forward.
Anton Kostadinov is a Bulgarian footballer currently playing for Montana as a midfielder.
Georgi Kostadinov is a former boxer from Bulgaria.
Aleksandar Stoyanov Kostadinov is an amateur Bulgarian Greco-Roman wrestler, who played for the men's featherweight category.
Petar Kostadinov is a former Bulgarian football midfielder.
Alipi Kostadinov is a retired cyclist from Czechoslovakia who specialized in road racing.
Stefan Kostadinov is a Bulgarian footballer, who plays for Botev Plovdiv as a midfielder.

» Popular firstnames for surname Kostadinov

      Georgiev(2)   Svetoslav(1)   Velik(1)   Ivanov(1)   Goce(1)   Konstantin(1)   Tchipev(1)   Petkov(1)   Emil(1)   Gueorguie(1)   Aleksandar(1)  





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