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The popularity rank in France is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 143+ people named Yossi

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Meaning of name Yossi is He (God) will add

» Famous people

Yossi Banai was an Israeli performer, singer, actor, and dramatist.
Yossi Sarid is a left-wing Israeli news commentator and former politician.
Yossi Abukasis is a former Israeli football Midfielder and assistant manager of Israel.
Yossi Shivhon is an Israeli footballer who plays for Maccabi Netanya as a midfielder.
Yossi Peled is an Israeli general and politician, the former Aluf of the Northern Command in the Israel Defense Forces.
Yossi Mizrahi is a retired Israeli goalkeeper, and now he is a football coach and current manager of Maccabi Netanya.
Yossi Harel , born Yosef Hamburger, was the supervisor of the Exodus 1947 operation and a leading member of the Israeli intelligence community.
Yossi Gross is an Israeli medical device innovator and entrepreneur.
Yossi Dora is an Israeli footballer currently playing for Hapoel Haifa.

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