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  1. Ile-de-France = 8
  2. Rhone-Alpes = 8
  3. Languedoc-Roussillon = 7
  4. Midi-Pyrenees = 7
  5. Basse-Normandie = 7
  6. Pays de la Loire = 7
  7. Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur = 6
  8. Bretagne = 5
  9. Centre = 4
  10. Limousin = 3

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» Ranking

The popularity rank in France is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 13801+ people named Wallis

» Meaning

Meaning of name Wallis is From Wales

» Famous people

John Wallis was an English mathematician who is given partial credit for the development of infinitesimal calculus.
Samuel Wallis was an English navigator who circumnavigated the world.
Larry Wallis is a guitarist, songwriter and producer.
Wallis Evershed was an English cricketer who played for Derbyshire between 1882 and 1884.
Mitch ell "Mitch" Wallis is an Australian rules footballer who currently plays with the Western Bulldogs in the Australian Football League.
Gustav Wallis was a German plant collector, who introduced over 1,000 plant species to Europe, many of which were named after him.
Dean Wallis is a former Australian rules footballer for the Essendon Football Club of the AFL.

» Popular firstnames for surname Wallis

      John(5)   Robert(3)   Anne(3)   Caroline(3)   Stephen(3)   Edward(3)   Christopher(3)   Flora(2)   Brian(2)   Richard(2)   Lea(2)   Gerald(2)   Martin(2)   Timothy(2)   Karen(1)   Nigel(1)   Ronan(1)   Daniele(1)   Douglas(1)   Fabienne(1)   Gary(1)   Leila(1)   Dilys(1)   Julie(1)   Tom(1)   Emmanuelle(1)   Edmund(1)   Trevor(1)   Andrew(1)   Julian(1)   Bob(1)   Sharon(1)   Glenn(1)   George(1)   Cecile(1)   Raymond(1)   David(1)   Peter(1)   Jason(1)   Ronald(1)   Patricia(1)   Rosan(1)   Grazyna(1)   Cecilia(1)   Mark(1)   Sam(1)   Dieter(1)   Allan(1)   Aimee(1)   Matthew(1)   Jacqueline(1)   Martine(1)  





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