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  1. Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur = 14
  2. Rhone-Alpes = 7
  3. Midi-Pyrenees = 6
  4. Aquitaine = 3
  5. Languedoc-Roussillon = 2
  6. Ile-de-France = 2
  7. Alsace = 1
  8. Pays de la Loire = 1

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» Ranking

The popularity rank in France is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 1214+ people named Peli

» Meaning

Meaning of name Peli is Short form of Aapeli

» Famous people

Oren Peli is an Israeli American film director, producer and screenwriter, best known as the director/creator of Paranormal Activity.
Bracha Peli was the founder and owner of the Israeli publishing house, Massada.
Alexander Peli was a Ukrainian-born Israeli encyclopedist the supervising editor of the Encyclopaedia Hebraica.
Pinchas Hacohen Peli was an Israeli modern Orthodox rabbi, essayist, poet and scholar of Judaism and Jewish philosophy.

» Popular firstnames for surname Peli

      Jean(4)   Francoise(2)   Nicole(2)   Jacques(2)   Roger(1)   Saulles(1)   Margaux(1)   Jeannine(1)   Helene(1)   Guy(1)   Thierry(1)   Valerie(1)   Fabien(1)   Noelle(1)   Vilma(1)   Christiane(1)   Yoann(1)   Sandrine(1)   Renee(1)   Roberto(1)   Anne(1)   Maurizio(1)   Muguette(1)   Francois(1)   Aurore(1)   Franchino(1)   Hadasa(1)   Angele(1)   Marc(1)   Joel(1)   Claude(1)   Annie(1)  





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