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The popularity rank in France is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 280+ people named Osip

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Meaning of name Osip is God Wiil Multiply

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Osip Aaronovitch Pyatnitsky , born Iosif Aronovich Tarshis, was a Russian revolutionary.
Osip Maksimovich Bodyansky was a notable Slavist of Ukrainian ethnicity who studied and taught at the Moscow University.
Osip Vasiliyevich Aptekman was a Russian revolutionary, member of the Land and Liberty, and one of the founders of the Black Repartition.
Osip Antonovich Kozlovsky was a Russian composer of Polish or Belarusian origin.
Osip Ivanovich Somov was a Russian mathematician.
Osip Dymov by Anton Chekhov.
Osip Petrovich Kozodavlev was a Russian statesman, politician and Minister of the Interior from March 31 of 1810 to June 24 of 1819.
Osip Emmanuilovich Braz was a Russian-Jewish realist painter.
Osip Solomonovich Minor was a Russian revolutionary and member of the Socialist-Revolutionary Party.

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