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  1. Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur = 63
  2. Rhone-Alpes = 38
  3. Ile-de-France = 32
  4. Corse = 24
  5. Franche-Comte = 6
  6. Bretagne = 6
  7. Midi-Pyrenees = 6
  8. Pays de la Loire = 5
  9. Languedoc-Roussillon = 5
  10. Lorraine = 4

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» Ranking

The popularity rank in France is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 6223+ people named Orsi

» Meaning

Meaning of name Orsi is not known.

» Famous people

Hoover Orsi Pereira Martins is a Brazilian race car driver.
Marco Orsi is a male Italian swimmer.
Fernando "Nando" Orsi is an Italian football manager and former player.
Adolfo Orsi was an Italian industrialist, known for owning the Maserati automobile maker.
Lelio Orsi was an Italian Renaissance painter of the Reggio Emilia school.
Paolo Orsi was an Italian archaeologist and classicist.
Ginger Orsi is an American singer and former actress.
John Francis 'Count' Orsi was an American football player.
Giuseppe Agostino Orsi was a cardinal, theologian, and ecclesiastical historian.
Giuseppe Orsi is an Italian company manager.
Leigh Ann Orsi is an American dancer and former actress.

» Popular firstnames for surname Orsi

      Jean(18)   Claude(8)   Daniel(6)   Marie(6)   Pierre(6)   Eric(4)   Michel(4)   Noel(3)   Isabelle(3)   Alain(3)   Christophe(3)   Nelly(3)   Louis(3)   Dominique(3)   Micheline(3)   Pascal(3)   Andre(3)   Bruno(3)   Patricia(3)   Lucienne(3)   Guy(3)   Xavier(2)   Francois(2)   Paul(2)   Georges(2)   Baptiste(2)   Rita(2)   Gilles(2)   Sylviane(2)   Victoire(2)   Christian(2)   Anne(2)   Ludivine(2)   Alexandre(2)   Pascale(2)   Helene(1)   Josephe(1)   Jacqueline(1)   Katia(1)   Laurent(1)   Margaux(1)   Patrick(1)   Liliane(1)   Marc(1)   Sandrine(1)   Didier(1)   Ernest(1)   Danielle(1)   Christiane(1)   Yves(1)   Felix(1)   Virginie(1)   Nicolas(1)   Gilbert(1)   Solange(1)   Francis(1)   Gregory(1)   Marius(1)   Francine(1)   Victor(1)   Augustin(1)   Sylvie(1)   Anthony(1)   Arlette(1)   Claudine(1)   Emilie(1)   Enzo(1)   Armand(1)   Sophie(1)   Charles(1)   Maurice(1)   Matthias(1)   Nelusco(1)   Caroline(1)   Muriel(1)   Jerome(1)   Renaud(1)   Pierrette(1)   Pauline(1)   Luc(1)   Marielle(1)   Jacques(1)   Martine(1)   Michelle(1)   Madeleine(1)   Herve(1)   Frederique(1)   Tiffany(1)   Yvette(1)   Beatrice(1)   Corinne(1)   Nicole(1)   Odile(1)   Bernard(1)   Fernand(1)   Ange(1)   Murielle(1)   Gerard(1)   Serge(1)   Kaltoune(1)   Josette(1)   Jeanne(1)   Louise(1)   Dante(1)   Raymond(1)   Benjamin(1)   Annie(1)   Roselyne(1)   Corino(1)   Daniele(1)   Brice(1)   Carmine(1)   Jeanine(1)   Florent(1)   Stephane(1)   Frederick(1)   Rene(1)   Anita(1)   Antonio(1)   Angelo(1)   Alfred(1)   Linda(1)   Roger(1)   Renee(1)   Giovanni(1)   Laetitia(1)   Emmanuel(1)   Emilien(1)   Eliane(1)   Marjorie(1)   Monique(1)   Raphael(1)   Beatriz(1)   Olga(1)   Moudjahed(1)   Aristide(1)  





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