» Top Local Regions
  1. Alsace = 113
  2. Ile-de-France = 30
  3. Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur = 17
  4. Haute-Normandie = 16
  5. Midi-Pyrenees = 15
  6. Lorraine = 14
  7. Languedoc-Roussillon = 14
  8. Rhone-Alpes = 9
  9. Bretagne = 7
  10. Pays de la Loire = 6

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» Ranking

The popularity rank in France is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 7024+ people named Gabel

» Meaning

Meaning of name Gabel is not known.

» Famous people

Seth Gabel is an American actor.
Martin Gabel was an American actor, film director and film producer.
Elyes Gabel is a British Asian actor who played Dr Gupreet "Guppy" Sandhu in the BBC medical drama, Casualty.
Andrew Alexander "Andy" Gabel is a four-time, short track speedskating U.
Christoffer Gabel was a Danish statesman.
Scilla Gabel is an Italian film actress.
Jeff Gabel, aka Thomas Stolperer, is an American artist living and working in Brooklyn.
Joseph Gabel was a French Hungarian-born sociologist and philosopher.
Claudia Gabel is the author of several young adult novels published by Scholastic Inc and HarperCollins.
Frederik Gabel was a Danish-Norwegian nobleman who served as Vice Governor-general of Norway from 1699 until his death in 1708.

» Popular firstnames for surname Gabel

      Jean(18)   Charles(7)   Claude(5)   Pierre(5)   Alain(4)   Frederic(4)   Claudine(4)   Gilbert(4)   Robert(4)   Marcel(4)   Marie(4)   Marc(4)   Yves(4)   Bernard(4)   Jacques(3)   Andre(3)   Gerard(3)   Christophe(3)   Michel(3)   Laurent(3)   Yvette(3)   Thierry(3)   Sebastien(3)   Mohamed(3)   Luc(3)   Francois(3)   Paul(3)   Eric(3)   David(3)   Florent(3)   Madeleine(2)   Martin(2)   Philippe(2)   Dominique(2)   Mahmoud(2)   Denis(2)   Francis(2)   Guy(2)   Sarah(2)   Valerie(2)   Vanessa(2)   Vincent(2)   Leon(2)   Daniel(2)   Denise(2)   Guillaume(2)   Aurelien(2)   Gabriel(2)   Jacky(2)   Etienne(2)   Carine(2)   Louis(2)   Henri(2)   Steve(2)   Ernest(2)   Sylviane(1)   Sophie(1)   Chantal(1)   Ali(1)   Nicole(1)   Richard(1)   Mustapha(1)   Hassen(1)   Loup(1)   Zohra(1)   Marceline(1)   Ashak(1)   Gabel(1)   Benjamin(1)   Djamel(1)   Virginie(1)   Ruben(1)   Samira(1)   Tristan(1)   Rachid(1)   Monir(1)   Foued(1)   Gisele(1)   Abderrahmane(1)   Aicha(1)   Roger(1)   Soufiane(1)   Cherif(1)   Gwenael(1)   Badreddine(1)   Frank(1)   Cedric(1)   Jose(1)   Patrice(1)   Adrien(1)   Christian(1)   Ange(1)   Liliane(1)   Christine(1)   Cynthia(1)   Delphine(1)   Sandrine(1)   Michael(1)   Regine(1)   Maryline(1)   Yannick(1)   Simone(1)   Alexandre(1)   Catherine(1)   Aurelie(1)   Manuel(1)   Antoine(1)   Lucien(1)   Lucie(1)   Leonie(1)   Annick(1)   Melanie(1)   Olivier(1)   Pascale(1)   Odile(1)   Nathalie(1)   Muriel(1)   Leonard(1)   Jonathan(1)   Erwin(1)   Eugene(1)   Emile(1)   Dolores(1)   Danielle(1)   Fernand(1)   Christiane(1)   Jeannot(1)   Armelle(1)   Camille(1)   Irene(1)   Germaine(1)   Philip(1)   Pia(1)   Esther(1)   Dulcey(1)   Sylvie(1)   Claire(1)   Yann(1)   Gilles(1)   Mathias(1)   Damien(1)   Severine(1)   Armand(1)   Anne(1)   Willy(1)   Albert(1)   Stephanie(1)   Raymonde(1)   Rene(1)   Raymond(1)   Priscilla(1)   Pierrette(1)   Alfred(1)   Rolph(1)   Serge(1)   Sabine(1)   Rosita(1)   Rose(1)   Therese(1)  





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