» Top Local Regions
  1. Alsace = 26
  2. Ile-de-France = 12
  3. Lorraine = 10
  4. Franche-Comte = 4
  5. Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur = 4
  6. Bourgogne = 2
  7. Rhone-Alpes = 2
  8. Limousin = 1
  9. Languedoc-Roussillon = 1
  10. Centre = 1

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» Ranking

The popularity rank in France is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 4601+ people named Eicher

» Meaning

Meaning of name Eicher is not known.

» Famous people

Eicher Motors Limited is an Indian automaker company based in Gurgaon, India.
Stephan Eicher is a Swiss singer.
Manfred Eicher is a German record producer and the founder of ECM Records and its subsidiaries.
Vitus Eicher is a footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for TSV 1860 M√ľnchen in the 2.
Benjamin Eicher is a film director famous for his cult film sequel Dei Mudder Sei Gesicht II and further feature-length gangster comedies.

» Popular firstnames for surname Eicher

      Jean(4)   Michel(4)   Marie(4)   Philippe(3)   Claude(2)   Joseph(2)   Marguerite(2)   Paul(2)   Emmanuel(2)   Thierry(2)   Paule(2)   Andre(2)   Veronique(1)   Vincent(1)   Waltraud(1)   Richard(1)   Soon(1)   Nathalie(1)   Pierre(1)   Eliane(1)   Alice(1)   Nicole(1)   Alexandre(1)   Robert(1)   Hanspeter(1)   Loic(1)   Catherina(1)   Albert(1)   Gerard(1)   Catherine(1)   Ernst(1)   Christophe(1)   Damien(1)   Felicie(1)   Helene(1)   Isabelle(1)   Celine(1)   Brice(1)   Alphonsine(1)   Anne(1)   Bernard(1)   Lucie(1)   Raymond(1)   Adolphe(1)   Ronald(1)   Francois(1)   Odette(1)   Yves(1)   Rene(1)   Sarah(1)   Suzanne(1)   Johann(1)  





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