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The popularity rank in France is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 6656+ people named Davydov

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Meaning of name Davydov is not known.

» Famous people

Sergei Sergeyevich Davydov is a Russian professional footballer.
Anatoli Viktorovich Davydov is a Russian professional football coach and a former player.
Dmitri Anatolyevich Davydov is a Russian professional footballer.
Vitaly Semenovich Davydov is a retired ice hockey player who played in the Soviet Hockey League.
Sergei Davydov may refer to: Sergei Davydov This disambiguation page lists articles about people with the same name.
Nikolay Davydov is a retired male hammer thrower from Kyrgyzstan.
Yakov Khristoforovich Davydov was, as head of the Cheka's Foreign Department from 1921 to 1922, the first head of Soviet foreign intelligence.
Stepan Ivanovich Davydov was a Russian composer and singer.
Serhiy Davydov is a Ukrainian football striker who plays for FC Zakarpattia Uzhhorod in the Ukrainian Premier League.
Aleksandr Vladimirovich Davydov is a Russian football goalkeeper, who currently plays for FC Metallurg Vyksa.

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      Vladislav(1)   Valeri(1)   Viatcheflav(1)   Alexander(1)  





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