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  1. Lorraine = 183
  2. Ile-de-France = 176
  3. Nord-Pas-de-Calais = 140
  4. Franche-Comte = 65
  5. Aquitaine = 52
  6. Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur = 47
  7. Rhone-Alpes = 46
  8. Centre = 36
  9. Pays de la Loire = 36
  10. Picardie = 36

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» Ranking

The popularity rank in France is #1912
Worldwide there are 11737+ people named Brice

» Meaning

Meaning of name Brice is The Son Of Rice

» Famous people

Alfred "Bobby" Brice was a Welsh international rugby union forward who played club rugby for Aberavon and Cardiff.
Brice Feillu is a French road racing cyclist who rides for UCI Professional Continental Team Sojasun.
Lee Brice is an American country music singer signed to Curb Records.
Brice Marden , is an American artist, generally described as Minimalist, although it is difficult to categorize his work.
Pierre Brice is a French actor, mainly known for his role as fictional Apache-chief Winnetou in German Karl May films.
Brice Blanc is a jockey in American Thoroughbred horse racing.
Brice Leverdez is a French badminton player.
James Brice was an American planter, lawyer, and politician from Annapolis, Maryland.

» Popular firstnames for surname Brice

      Jean(78)   Michel(32)   Pierre(28)   Marie(28)   Claude(23)   Christian(19)   Christophe(17)   Daniel(16)   Bernard(16)   Pascal(16)   Laurent(15)   Andre(15)   Paul(14)   Jacques(13)   Gerard(13)   Philippe(12)   Roger(11)   Isabelle(11)   Alain(11)   Veronique(11)   Christelle(9)   Frederic(8)   Louis(8)   Rene(8)   Maurice(8)   Anne(8)   Luc(7)   Patrick(7)   Georges(7)   Dominique(7)   Eric(7)   Nicolas(7)   Olivier(7)   Annie(6)   Didier(6)   Nathalie(6)   Claudine(6)   Denis(6)   Valerie(6)   Christine(6)   Sylvie(6)   Odile(6)   Guy(6)   Sebastien(6)   Chantal(6)   Bernadette(6)   Francoise(6)   Robert(6)   Jerome(6)   Serge(5)   Pierrette(5)   Yves(5)   Vincent(5)   Patrice(5)   Stephane(5)   Henri(5)   Catherine(5)   Arnaud(5)   Kevin(5)   David(5)   Roland(5)   Agnes(5)   Thierry(5)   Julien(5)   Sandrine(4)   Evelyne(4)   Raymond(4)   Colette(4)   Charles(4)   Laurence(4)   Sylvain(4)   Sophie(4)   Claire(4)   Francois(4)   Noel(4)   Marc(4)   Martine(4)   Germaine(3)   Madeleine(3)   Marion(3)   Paulette(3)   Laetitia(3)   Cecile(3)   Patricia(3)   Jacqueline(3)   Bruno(3)   Louise(3)   Herve(3)   Emile(3)   Anthony(3)   Jessica(3)   Ludovic(3)   Marguerite(3)   Corinne(3)   Christiane(3)   Genevieve(3)   Elodie(3)   Gilbert(3)   Francis(3)   Joelle(3)   Emmanuel(3)   Hubert(3)   Stephanie(3)   Franck(3)   Aymeric(3)   Alexandra(3)   Emilie(2)   Renaud(2)   Michelle(2)   Baptiste(2)   Cedric(2)   Damien(2)   Marielle(2)   Carole(2)   Remy(2)   Virginie(2)   Jacky(2)   Celine(2)   Yvette(2)   Fernand(2)   Nicole(2)   Chostene(2)   Hanissa(2)   Alex(2)   Cindy(2)   Gisele(2)   Suzanne(2)   Maryvonne(2)   Aurelie(2)   Michael(2)   Marcelle(2)   Richard(2)   Julie(2)   Alexandre(2)   Joel(2)   Peggy(2)   Gregory(2)   Marcel(2)   Ulrich(2)   Sandra(2)   Bertrand(2)   Sonia(2)   Pascale(2)   Max(2)   Marthe(2)   Denise(2)   Monique(2)   Edwige(2)   Loic(2)   Florence(2)   Michele(2)   Jeanine(2)   Jeannine(2)   Micheline(2)   Therese(2)   Rolande(2)   Noelle(2)   Eliane(2)   Cyril(2)   Nadine(2)   Alice(2)   Guillaume(2)   Raymonde(2)   Audrey(2)   Wilfried(2)   Estelle(2)   Annick(2)   Yvan(1)   Franz(1)   Antoine(1)   Gaetan(1)   Gabrielle(1)   Alix(1)   Jules(1)   Romain(1)   Bastien(1)   Delphin(1)   Leblanc(1)   Lorry(1)   Stephen(1)   Coralie(1)   Jonathan(1)   Johanna(1)   Severine(1)   Gilles(1)   Helene(1)   Pol(1)   Djeamany(1)   Regimald(1)   Thomas(1)   Walton(1)   Janny(1)   Clement(1)   Jeanne(1)   Josianne(1)   Paque(1)   Liliane(1)   Benjamin(1)   Daphnee(1)   Dominic(1)   Wilquins(1)   Josiane(1)   Norman(1)   Robin(1)   Volodia(1)   Blancard(1)   Oumechik(1)   Maximilien(1)   Oumichik(1)   Renee(1)   Soizic(1)   Russell(1)   Lionel(1)   Leon(1)   Yelmo(1)   Del(1)   Geoffrey(1)   Hingrez(1)   Irene(1)   Prescillia(1)   Manuelle(1)   Etienne(1)   Dorothee(1)   Gaston(1)   Gwendael(1)   Lydie(1)   Jeremy(1)   Danielle(1)   Cecilia(1)   Alicia(1)   Albert(1)   Arlette(1)   Berthe(1)   Brigitte(1)   Lysiane(1)   Magdalena(1)   Rosine(1)   Muguette(1)   William(1)   Benoit(1)   Alexis(1)   Leucat(1)   Klervi(1)   Susanne(1)   Maxime(1)   Tony(1)   Yannick(1)   Fruneau(1)   Xavier(1)   Camille(1)   Joseph(1)   Cyprienne(1)   Agenise(1)   Antide(1)   Armelle(1)   Cetana(1)   Pisu(1)   Kelly(1)   Ginette(1)   Regis(1)   Ghislain(1)   Manuel(1)   Bellmann(1)   Claudette(1)   Mathieu(1)   Marillac(1)   Mireille(1)   Alexander(1)   Aliane(1)   Fabrice(1)   Albertine(1)   Francine(1)   Gerome(1)   Paule(1)   Roseline(1)   Claudia(1)   Maryline(1)   Esther(1)   Claudie(1)   Joanne(1)   Myriam(1)   Nicholas(1)   Vidjeyabaradi(1)   Marianne(1)   Aurelia(1)   Geneviere(1)   Jennifer(1)   Jose(1)   Philip(1)   Lise(1)   Mickael(1)   Laure(1)   Simone(1)   Georgine(1)   Leroy(1)   Christopher(1)   Charlotte(1)   Celia(1)   Marina(1)   Melissa(1)  





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