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  1. Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur = 38
  2. Rhone-Alpes = 31
  3. Lorraine = 30
  4. Ile-de-France = 29
  5. Midi-Pyrenees = 26
  6. Corse = 18
  7. Bourgogne = 15
  8. Franche-Comte = 15
  9. Aquitaine = 8
  10. Champagne-Ardenne = 6

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» Ranking

The popularity rank in France is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 4707+ people named Adami

» Meaning

Meaning of name Adami is My man; red; earthy; human

» Famous people

Valerio Adami is an Italian painter.
Pavol Adami was a Slovak scientist and scholar, considered one of the world's first veterinarians.
Mary Fenech Adami was the wife of former President of Malta, Edward Fenech Adami, and was therefore the former First Lady of Malta.
Friedrich Wilhelm Adami was a German author, critic, and publicist.

» Popular firstnames for surname Adami

      Jean(14)   Pierre(11)   Marie(10)   Andre(6)   Jacques(5)   Claude(4)   Alexandre(4)   Robert(4)   Anne(4)   Bruno(4)   Henri(4)   Michel(4)   Michele(3)   Joseph(3)   Catherine(3)   Philippe(3)   Francois(2)   Didier(2)   Jerome(2)   Josee(2)   Christiane(2)   Bruna(2)   Cecile(2)   Serge(2)   Micheline(2)   Patricia(2)   Patrick(2)   Rene(2)   Louis(2)   Dominique(2)   Lydie(2)   Raphael(2)   Italo(2)   Severine(2)   Santa(2)   Jacqueline(2)   Valerie(2)   Walter(2)   Marcel(2)   Jonathan(2)   Christophe(2)   Sebastien(2)   Franck(2)   Beatrice(1)   Annick(1)   Nicolas(1)   Paul(1)   Magdalena(1)   Daniele(1)   Georges(1)   Giovanni(1)   Francis(1)   Geraldine(1)   Angel(1)   Charles(1)   Stephane(1)   Julia(1)   Mario(1)   Luigia(1)   Loic(1)   Laurent(1)   Romano(1)   Paolo(1)   Salah(1)   Roland(1)   Herve(1)   Eddine(1)   Simone(1)   Estelle(1)   Cristelle(1)   Enrico(1)   Celine(1)   Gaston(1)   Guillaume(1)   Amandine(1)   Eric(1)   Marina(1)   Guylaine(1)   Laura(1)   Franco(1)   Lise(1)   Fernand(1)   Frederic(1)   Alcide(1)   Nicole(1)   Pascal(1)   Helene(1)   Julienne(1)   Keira(1)   Edmond(1)   Sandrine(1)   Mauricette(1)   Sylvie(1)   Isabelle(1)   Christele(1)   Catia(1)   Fabio(1)   Priscilla(1)   Genevieve(1)   Julien(1)   Carmen(1)   Nadege(1)   Toussaint(1)   Corinne(1)   Romain(1)   Elodie(1)   Xavier(1)   Gilles(1)   Rosette(1)   Karim(1)   Giabicca(1)   Guy(1)   Mohamed(1)   Maria(1)   Mikheil(1)   Agnes(1)   Heinrich(1)   Emilie(1)   Vanille(1)   Alexandra(1)   Gerard(1)   Ines(1)   Gael(1)   Luigi(1)   Claudine(1)   Jan(1)   Jeanne(1)   Mary(1)   Ginette(1)   Chantale(1)   Regis(1)   Souade(1)   Nathalie(1)   Nerine(1)   Max(1)   Monique(1)   Stephanie(1)   Danielle(1)   Christian(1)   Daniel(1)   Paulette(1)   Olivier(1)   Josette(1)   Karin(1)   Louise(1)   James(1)   Vincent(1)   William(1)   Pascale(1)   Odette(1)   Yves(1)   Karine(1)   Christine(1)   Alain(1)   Fernanda(1)   Irene(1)   Elisabeth(1)   Chloe(1)   Aurelien(1)   Cesar(1)   Fabrice(1)  





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