» Régions locales en haut du classement
  1. Ile-de-France = 15
  2. Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur = 6
  3. Languedoc-Roussillon = 6
  4. Rhone-Alpes = 4
  5. Centre = 4
  6. Lorraine = 4
  7. Midi-Pyrenees = 3
  8. Bourgogne = 2
  9. Champagne-Ardenne = 2
  10. Pays de la Loire = 2
  11. Bretagne = 1
  12. Nord-Pas-de-Calais = 1
  13. Aquitaine = 1

» Classement global

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» Classement

Le classement de popularité en France est #N/A (nom rare)
Globalement, il y a 11021+ personnes qui s'appellent Pizarro

» Ce que veut dire le nom Pizarro

Le nom Pizarro signifie not known.

» Stars

Claudio Miguel Pizarro Bosio is a Peruvian football forward who plays for Bayern Munich.
David Marcelo Pizarro Cortés is a Chilean football midfielder who currently plays for Fiorentina in the Serie A.
Jaime Augusto Pizarro Herrera is a retired football player who played 53 times for the Chile national team between 1987 and 1993.
Federico Pizarro may refer to: Federico Pizarro , Argentine handball player This disambiguation page lists articles about people with the same name.
Guido Hernán Pizarro Demestri is an Argentine football midfielder.
Nelson Pizarro is an American soccer player currently playing for Los Angeles Blues in the USL Professional Division.
Diego Enrique Pizarro Bosio is a Peruvian footballer who plays as a striker or winger for Torneo Descentralizado club Cienciano.
Gonzalo Pizarro y Alonso was a Spanish conquistador and younger paternal half-brother of Francisco Pizarro, the conqueror of the Inca Empire.
Hernando Pizarro y de Vargas was a Spanish conquistador and one of the Pizarro brothers who ruled over Peru.

» Prénoms populaires pour le nom de famille Pizarro

      Michel(3)   Francois(3)   Francisco(2)   Sandra(2)   Carlos(2)   Maria(2)   Octavio(2)   Juan(2)   Antonio(2)   Manuel(2)   Rosa(1)   Leonard(1)   Paulo(1)   Justino(1)   Claudio(1)   Stephane(1)   Isabelle(1)   Myriam(1)   Gregory(1)   Pedro(1)   Perrine(1)   Roger(1)   Melanie(1)   Dario(1)   Americo(1)   Fausto(1)   Conchita(1)   Thierry(1)   Danielle(1)   Ange(1)   Brigitte(1)   Oliver(1)   Marius(1)   Delphine(1)   Robert(1)   Jean(1)   Eduardo(1)   Dolores(1)   Tony(1)   Yvan(1)   Antoine(1)   Vincent(1)   Matias(1)   Marie(1)   Vanina(1)   Lara(1)  





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