» Régions locales en haut du classement
  1. Rhone-Alpes = 33
  2. Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur = 24
  3. Ile-de-France = 12
  4. Languedoc-Roussillon = 6
  5. Lorraine = 5
  6. Midi-Pyrenees = 3
  7. Picardie = 2
  8. Franche-Comte = 1
  9. Haute-Normandie = 1

» Classement global

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» Classement

Le classement de popularité en France est #N/A (nom rare)
Globalement, il y a 2859+ personnes qui s'appellent Maddalena

» Ce que veut dire le nom Maddalena

Le nom Maddalena signifie Magnificent

» Stars

Maddalena Visconti was a daughter of Bernabò Visconti and his wife Beatrice Regina della Scala.
Marianne Maddalena is an American film producer.
James Maddalena is an American baritone who is chiefly associated with contemporary American opera.
Pat Maddalena is a Canadian lacrosse player who last played for the Toronto Rock in the National Lacrosse League.
Maddalena Fagandini was an electronic musician and television producer.
Maddalena Sirmen was an Italian composer, violinist, and later unsuccessful singer.

» Prénoms populaires pour le nom de famille Maddalena

      Marie(5)   Jean(4)   Pierre(3)   Antonio(3)   Patrick(3)   Christine(2)   Giovanni(2)   Christophe(2)   Albert(2)   Therese(2)   Enrico(2)   Denis(2)   Capucine(2)   Philippe(2)   Gerard(2)   Carole(2)   Gilles(2)   Michele(2)   Anne(1)   Sophie(1)   Beatrice(1)   Alice(1)   Katia(1)   Priscilla(1)   Renee(1)   Rodolphe(1)   Yvon(1)   Bruno(1)   Caroline(1)   Julie(1)   Monique(1)   Nicole(1)   Pascale(1)   John(1)   Henri(1)   Louise(1)   Christelle(1)   Benito(1)   Calogero(1)   Marc(1)   Savino(1)   Colette(1)   Cyril(1)   Jocelyne(1)   Coraly(1)   Francois(1)   Sebastien(1)   Serge(1)   Amandine(1)   Angelique(1)   Eric(1)   Charlotte(1)   Gisele(1)   Jannie(1)   Maryse(1)   Lydie(1)   Mauro(1)   Gilbert(1)   Paola(1)   David(1)   Fabien(1)   Sylvie(1)   Joel(1)  





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