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Le classement de popularité en France est #N/A (nom rare)
Globalement, il y a 24+ personnes qui s'appellent Jostein

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Le nom Jostein signifie Norwegian modern form of Ióstæinn

» Stars

Jostein Flo is a Norwegian former football player, famous for his physical playing style and aerial dominance.
Jostein Gaarder is a Norwegian intellectual and author of several novels, short stories and children's books.
Jostein Pedersen is a Norwegian musical journalist and reporter, television commentator and "music intelligencia".
Jostein Wilmann is a former Norwegian professional road racing cyclist.
Jostein Grindhaug is a Norwegian football coach and former player.
Jostein Berntsen is a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party.
Jostein Einar Erstad was a Norwegian jurist.
Jostein Nyhamar was a Norwegian magazine editor, biographer and politician for the Labour Party.
Jostein Stige is a Norwegian sprint canoer who competed in the mid-1970s.
Jostein Rise is a Norwegian social psychologist.
Arne Jostein Ingebrethsen was a Norwegian newspaper editor who was killed during the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany.
Jostein Helge Bernhardsen is a Norwegian diplomat.

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