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Le classement de popularité en France est #N/A (nom rare)
Globalement, il y a 580+ personnes qui s'appellent Gretton

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Le nom Gretton signifie not known.

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John Gretton, 1st Baron Gretton PC CBE , was a British businessman and Conservative politician.
Rob ert Gretton, known as Rob Gretton , was a band manager, in particular, he managed Joy Division and New Order.
Jennifer Ann Gretton, Baroness GrettontJ is the current Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire.
George Lidderdale Gretton WS is a Scottish lawyer and academic and, from May 2006 to May 2011, was a Commissioner of the Scottish Law Commission.
John Frederic Gretton, 2nd Baron Gretton OBE , was a British peer and Conservative Member of Parliament.
William Gretton , was the master of Magdalene College, Cambridge.
John Henrik Gretton, 3rd Baron Gretton DL was an English peer, owner of Stapleford Park in Leicestershire.

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