» Régions locales en haut du classement
  1. Bretagne = 21
  2. Ile-de-France = 7
  3. Pays de la Loire = 3
  4. Bourgogne = 1
  5. Centre = 1

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» Classement

Le classement de popularité en France est #N/A (nom rare)
Globalement, il y a 4013+ personnes qui s'appellent Balch

» Ce que veut dire le nom Balch

Le nom Balch signifie not known.

» Stars

Antony Balch was an English film director and distributor, best known for his screen collaborations with Beat Generation author William S.
Emily Greene Balch was an American economist and writer.
George Beall Balch was an admiral in the United States Navy who served during the Mexican-American War and the American Civil War.
Balch Cave is a cave in Fairy Cave Quarry, near Stoke St Michael in the limestone of the Mendip Hills, in Somerset, England.
John Henry Balch was a United States Naval Reserve officer and a recipient of the Medal of Honor for his actions in World War I.

» Prénoms populaires pour le nom de famille Balch

      Yves(2)   Roger(2)   Jean(2)   Philippe(2)   Frederic(2)   Jacques(2)   Sebastien(2)   Vincent(1)   Raymond(1)   Caroline(1)   Patrick(1)   Pierre(1)   Odette(1)   Marcelle(1)   Fabienne(1)   Martin(1)   Nathalie(1)   Christine(1)   Gerard(1)   Christiane(1)   Carine(1)   Luc(1)   Jennifer(1)   Johann(1)   Therese(1)   Marie(1)   Josephine(1)   Joseph(1)   Noel(1)  





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